Parent DBT Skills Training

Parent DBT Skills Training

A Research- Supported Adaptation of DBT Skills to Help  Parents and Families
Improve Parenting Skills by Decreasing Reactivity and Increasing Validation and Closeness

Parents in need of DBT Skills

  • Are the interactions between you and your child CHAOTIC?
  • Do you feel confused and conflicted about yourself as a parent?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you AND your child are emotionally volatile and unstable?
  • Do you sometimes feel like your parenting decisions are impulsive, unclear and ineffective?

Alan Fruzetti, Ph.D, has developed an adaptation of Dialectical Behavior Therapy that focuses on the cycle of transactions that occur between parents and their children; in particular, he focuses on the cycle of increased arousal and inaccurate expression that leads to invalidating behaviors of parents and children, behaviors which function to keep reactivity high and reduce a parent’s problem solving ability.

Alan E. Fruzzetti Transactional Model

Dr. Fruzetti’s  DBT Parenting Skills Module integrates the evidence based skills of Dialectical behavior Therapy, a treatment supported by numerous Randomized Controlled Trials to help parents intervene in this cycle. This 8 week Parenting Skills Class helps parents:

  • Learn Relational Mindfulness Skills to sort out emotions, opinions, needs and wants
  • Learn to interrupt negative reactions, anger, and toxic responses
  • Learn to be mindful of their roles as parents and their goals
  • Learn to be mindful of appropriate & effective timing of discussions
  • Learn to reduce vulnerability to negative emotions and negative transactions
  • Increase mindful awareness of the pleasant things their family does for them or that they do together

Father and son relaxing and conversing outdoors

This program will teach Dialectical Parenting Skills. Dialectical means that two things, which may be opposites of each other, can both be true at the same time.  Dialectical parenting recognizes that:

  • Parents and their children may have different ways of seeing situations- and both views can have some validity
  • There is no “right way” to parent and each parting problem may have many possible solutions
  • Parents need to be both nurturing and firm
  • Parents need to be consistent and flexible

Mother and teenage daughter chatting together on patio
With the help of this successful adaptation of DBT   Skills for Parents, and experience teaching hundreds of people skills to manage negative emotions and end long-standing patterns in relationships, Melinda Carlisle Brackett, M.A., a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an intensively trained DBT Therapist will put parents to work on themselves in this fun, interactive, experiential parenting class.  Parents come to class and learn the skills and practice with their child at home. This Parenting Class will help parents decrease conflict and find more peace, intimacy and joy in their families.

SVEC is pleased to offer Dr. Fruzetti’s adaptation of DBT skills for Parents so that parents can navigate the transactional link between themselves and their child skillfully and effectively.

DBT Class for Parents: 8 weeks This program will help parents get control of their emotions first, stop making things worse, and only then work on building a better relationship with their child.

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Parenting Class Format: One or both parents may attend the 8 week group class with other parents. Children do not attend. We encourage you to focus on your own growth and skill development in this co-ed setting group setting. Both parents complete homework that they practice at home with their child.

The class time is used for teaching and clarification of the skills including some experiential exercises. DBT Skill practice at home helps build mastery and confidence.

Fees:  Please call for current fees. Fees are due and payable at the beginning of the course. Checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Amex are accepted.

If you are interested please call Melinda at (408) 780-1150 or send an e-mail to