Couples DBT Skills Training

Couples DBT Skills Training

click here for parentsSan Jose DBT  offers DBT skills training for couples in San Jose along with partner coaching and overall relationship strategy to help couples restructure their relationships to be skillful and effective so that the whole family can live healthier lives.

San Jose Couples Counseling clients often report that Social Media has redefined communication for todays couples and now more than ever partners are finding it challenging to feel “satisfied” about their communication with their partners and families. San Jose DBT Teaches DBT Skills to help couples build mastery in their communication and problem solving with their partner.  San Jose DBT helps couples by offering DBT informed Couples Counseling. We frequently enroll one or both partners in one of our DBT Skills classes while the couple attends couples counseling sessions.

When couples seek couples counseling they will often express a desire for improved communication but what they actually want is to feel connected and on the same page as their partner so they can solve ordinary life challenges and feel supported and loved.

The research on couples counseling suggests that couples can quickly feel despair about their relationships and so our programs at San Jose DBT are designed always with couples and families in mind. DBT Skills training can literally transform relationships between spouses as well as improve parenting of children of all ages. Learn more about DBT Skills for Parents.

Through a non-judgmental approach primarily focused on the teaching of skills and exercises to help partners become more mindfully aware of one another, DBT couples counseling teaches each partner :

  • To monitor their own reactivity and decrease behaviors that make situations worse
  • How to accurately express themselves skillfully so they are more likely to get the support and validation they need.
  • How to increase validating responses to calm down intense situations and solve problems

How do you know if DBT Skills for Couples Counseling is right for you and your partner?

Couples Counseling can be an excellent adjuncts to our standard DBT Program. However, this class is not in any way a substitute for a Comprehensive DBT program if someone needs it. If you or your partner are severely behaviorally  dysregulated due to emotional dysregulation, or if you have a serious, untreated mental health condition you may be referred to our Standard DBT Program or another type of therapy. In particular, clients who are suicidal, self-harming or actively abusing substances require a more comprehensive treatment plan. An intake session with Melinda is required to participate in any of our programs.

For more information about how you and your partner can Learn DBT Skills in Couples Counseling please visit our sister site CriticalPath Counseling or  contact  Melinda at (408)893-4032.